A Message from NCTR’s New President

Dear NCTR Member,

I am deeply humbled to be the newly elected president of the National Council on Teacher Retirement. I could not have achieved this role without the priceless mentorships and valuable friendships formed through my involvement as an NCTR member.

NCTR has a history of providing education, information and resources to meet the needs of our members as they fulfill their roles as trustees, executive directors and staff members of state and local retirement systems.

This coming new year, NCTR will continue to provide monthly webinars, Weekly FYIs, the Trustee Workshop and dynamic virtual educational opportunities, as well as Annual Conference. We are committed to deliver on our promise to enhance the abilities of our members in their roles as leaders on pension related issues.

NCTR’s efforts cannot be accomplished by a single person. With the work and guidance of the Executive Committee and NCTR staff, input from the Legislative, Trustee Education, Administrator Education, Resolution and Corporate Advisory Committees, NCTR is fully supported in accomplishing the goals and mission of our organization.

If this year has taught me anything, it is this—when we surround ourselves with talented people who give their intellect and time towards accomplishing common goals, success is inevitable!

I look forward to working with each of you as NCTR continues to focus on our common goals to provide retirement with dignity for all of our pension plan members.


Debbie Simonds, NCTR President

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