Credentials Committee

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee is a standing committee, as specified in the NCTR Constitution. Its stated purpose is to verify that the delegates and alternates of the NCTR meet the qualifications to vote at the annual meeting or other meetings of NCTR, and to advise the Executive Committee and the Council membership as to which delegates and alternates qualify to vote.

Credentials Committee Members 2024

  • David Kazansky, Trustee, New York City TRS
  • Mary Lou Cameron, Trustee, New Mexico ERB

Duties and Responsibilities

The Chairperson of the Credentials Committee will be responsible for delivering the above reports to the attendees at the annual business meeting of NCTR.

The Credentials Committee is responsible for certifying delegates to the business meeting and determining eligibility of delegates should there be any challenges. Credentials Committee members are also responsible for counting votes should there be a call for a hand vote. Credentials Committee members may also be asked to assist in the seating of delegates and alternates at the annual meeting for the purpose of voting.

The Chairperson shall be prepared to organize committee activities to fulfill the above responsibilities.

Note: Pursuant to the NCTR Constitution, the President and President-Elect shall be ex-officio members of all committees.


In preparation for the Annual Business Meeting, NCTR staff attends to the mailing of a Certification of Delegates to each member system. The Certification, which must be signed by the highest ranking administrative officer (or designee) of the Active member, establishes a “return by” deadline and gives instructions, including a summary of the provisions of Article II, Section 5, of the Constitution. “Delegates and Voting” Section 5 provides the following:

  • Each active member of NCTR is entitled to three voting delegates.
  • One delegate shall be the highest ranking administrative officer (or designee) of the Active member. The other two delegates shall be Active member staff and/or board members confirmed by the chief executive officer of each Active member on a form designated by the Executive Committee.
  • An alternate delegate may be designated to serve in the event that an assigned delegate must be absent from the Annual Meeting.
  • No proxy voting of delegates is allowed.

In order to be qualified to vote, all delegates and alternates must have paid their registration fees at or before the annual meeting, and the organization represented must have paid the required annual dues.

NCTR staff will prepare an Official List of Delegates for certification by the Credentials Committee. NCTR staff will also prepare a report on the registration and attendance at the Annual Conference for the Credentials Committee.