Help Guide the Direction of NCTR!


(State, City, and Local Retirement Systems) 


NCTR is your association. One of the best ways to be involved is to serve on an NCTR committee. If you signed up for a committee while at the recent NCTR Annual Conference, thank you! We have your name on file and there’s no need to resubmit it. However, if you missed the sign-up opportunity, there’s still time!

Let us know by Thursday, November 1, 2018, which committee(s) you’d enjoy working on. While we cannot guarantee committee slots for all, our goal is to ensure a balanced representation on each committee of our membership.

Open to System Executive Officers, Staff, and Board Members

  • Legislative Committee: With the concurrence of the President and the Executive Committee, the Legislative Committee engages in activities that include the development and implementation of strategies to promote or oppose legislative or executive branch decisions or proposals. This eight-member committee typically meets twice a year, once in late February at the NCTR/NASRA winter meeting, and again immediately before the Annual Conference.
  • Resolutions Committee: Working in conjunction with NCTR staff, the Resolutions Committee notifies member systems that it is requesting the submission of resolutions. After the committee reviews the submissions, the committee chair presents them to the delegates at the Annual Business Meeting. This Committee typically meets in person immediately before the Annual Conference.
  • Credentials Committee:  The committee verifies that delegates and alternates are qualified to vote at the Annual Business Meeting or other NCTR meetings, counts hand votes as needed, and reports on Annual Conference registration and attendance at the Annual Business Meeting.  

Open to System Administrators

  • Administrator Education Committee:  Provide advice and counsel in the development and implementation of initiatives and programs targeted to the administrators of NCTR member systems, such as the Annual System Directors’ Meeting and Annual Conference. This Committee typically meets once via teleconference and may meet again immediately before the Annual Conference.

Open to System Board Members

  • Trustee Education Committee: Assist in developing the curriculum for the Annual Trustee Workshop, which is usually held mid-summer. Similarly, the Committee may be asked to provide input concerning the program for the NCTR Annual Conference. This Committee typically meets once via teleconference and may meet again immediately before the Annual Conference.

Please email your choice(s) to Robyn Wheeler by Thursday, November 1! (If you are interested in more than one committee, please indicate your first, second, and third choice in your email.) Thank you for your continued support and involvement in NCTR!