Executive Committee 2021–2022

The Executive Committee is the governing body of NCTR.

Jan Goodwin

NCTR President

Executive Director
New Hampshire Retirement System

Janis Elliott


Nebraska PERS

Erika Glaster


Executive Director
Massachusetts TRS

Debbie Simonds

Immediate Past President

Board Chair
Georgia TRS

Ron Baker

Executive Director
Colorado PERA
Term expires October 2023

Ken Haines

Maryland SRPS
Term Expires October 2022

David Keefe

Board President
New York STRS
Term Expires October 2023

Tina Leiss

Executive Director
Nevada PERS
Term Expires October 2024

Thomas Williams

Executive Director
Hawaii ERS
Term expires October 2024

Karen Yamamoto

Board Member
Term expires October 2024

Corporate Advisory Committee & Members

NCTR recognizes the significant value of its Associate Member organizations helping to sustain many of its core activities through payment of annual dues and sponsorship of many NCTR events. It is further recognized that there should be a vehicle for Associate Member organizations to provide advice and counsel to NCTR’s governance process. The Corporate Advisory Committee was established to facilitate attainment of this objective.

Standing & Special Committees

The Constitution of NCTR provides for Standing and Special Committees.

Standing Committees