Annual Conference

NCTR’s Annual Conference provides the opportunity for all pension systems’ staff, members and key stakeholders

to come together, collaborate and share ideas, while hearing the latest pension news and challenges.

Striking the right balance between risk and return in the post-pandemic world is more important than ever for public pension plans and those whose retirement security depends on them.

Governmental plans’ resilience in the face of the economic and societal challenges of COVID-19 has been amazing! It has also underscored how asset allocation is one of the most critical decisions public pension trustees make. Deciding on the right mix of stocks, bonds, cash, and other asset classes has been critical to the financial success of our systems, as well as the financial security of our plan participants and beneficiaries during these challenging times.

How do you strike the correct balance, particularly in the face of a worldwide crisis? Can you really know your risk tolerance ahead of time, before the risk – often unanticipated – arises? How successful are you in persevering with the implementation of those allocations in the face of the challenges of the “new normal?”

To find answers to these key questions, join your peers from across the country as, together, we listen and learn how to leverage new insights from some of the best in the business. Because the success of public pensions has not been by chance, but by design!

With each day dedicated to a back-to-basics theme centered on asset allocation, covering a range of topics from stocks, fixed income investments, and private equity, to real estate and infrastructure – the bottom line is NCTR’s 99th Annual Conference will educate and equip you with the fundamental knowledge and tools to persevere in an ever-changing world.

After all, that is the story of public pensions – Resilient by Design!

Registration Rates:

  • Non Commercial Member Registration: $500/attendee
  • Associate Commercial Member Registration: $550/attendee

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Annual Conference Key Dates

September 3 – Resolutions Due

Submit your In AppreciationIn Memoriam, and Policy Resolutions to Delia Richardson at for consideration by the Resolutions Committee, prior to the October Annual Business Meeting.


Constitutional Amendment and Edits to Principles and Positions

This Constitution may be amended, at any Annual Meeting of NCTR, by a two-thirds vote of those delegates present, provided that any such proposed amendment shall be signed by a representative of at least three Active members, and submitted in writing to the Executive Committee at least ninety (90) days prior to any Annual Meeting. The Executive Committee shall submit the proposed amendment to NCTR members, together with its recommendations, no fewer than thirty (30) days prior to said Annual Meeting.

To review the proposed amendment to the Constitution and edits to the Principles and Positions that will require a vote of the Delegates for approval at NCTR’s Business Meeting, please click here.

September 10 – Executive Committee Nominations Due

RESPONSIBILITIES: The NCTR Executive Committee establishes policies to govern the organization’s activities; oversees the budget; and, working closely with NCTR’s executive director, ensures the goals and objectives of the strategic plan are met. At minimum, the committee meets twice a year. Additional meetings may be scheduled, including ones via conference call. Committee members are expected to familiarize themselves with the materials relevant to each meeting.

ELIGIBILITY: Executive officers, staff and board trustees of retirement systems who are members of NCTR.

COMMITTEE COMPOSITION: Ten seats, representing ten different retirement systems. Five seats are held by system officers or staff and five seats are held by system board members.

TERM OF SERVICE: A year of service runs from October to October, coinciding with NCTR’s Annual Business Meeting. Each committee member serves a three-year term and may apply to serve one additional, consecutive term. Terms of the ten seats overlap.

HOW MANY SEATS ARE OPEN THIS YEAR? Current vacant positions on the NCTR Executive Committee are two (2) Administrator seats [three-year terms], one (1) Trustee seat [three-year term].  

HOW AND WHEN TO APPLY?  A letter of interest (submitted by the applicant) or a letter of nomination (submitted on behalf of the applicant) is due to Robyn Wheeler at by Friday, September 10.


  1. Applicants will be sent a short questionnaire.
  2. Candidates will be interviewed by the NCTR Nominating Committee.
  3. The Nominating Committee will propose a slate of nominees to the delegates at the Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, October 14, 2021.
  4. Delegates will elect the new Executive Committee members.
  5. The new Executive Committee will hold its first meeting immediately following the adjournment of the Annual Business Meeting.


October 14 – Business Meeting

Delegates: NCTR will ask your system to identify your delegates prior to the business meeting this year. All delegates must be registered for the Conference and  have the ability to attend the October 14 Business Meeting (virtually). Delegate forms will be emailed to the Executive Director of the System and posted on the NCTR website the first week in August.


Committee Meetings

NCTR committees will meet a week prior to the Conference. Details to follow


Interested in Partnering with NCTR? 

Becoming an NCTR event sponsor gives you the opportunity to be in a face-to-face environment where you can network and increase market visibility. Gain the competitive advantage, while making direct connections with high-level decision makers from more than 63 public pension systems from across the nation, with combined assets exceeding $2 trillion in their trust funds.

For additional information, contact NCTR Assistant Executive Director Robyn Wheeler at (916) 509-7260, or at

Not Yet a Member? 

NCTR Annual Conferences are held exclusively for the benefit of NCTR members.