Governing Documents


The National Council on Teacher Retirement (NCTR) is hereby constituted as an independent organization dedicated to: Read more…

Principles and Positions

The National Council on Teacher Retirement (NCTR) believes that all Americans should have access to a pension plan that will provide retirement security.
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The Resolutions Committee is a Standing Committee as specified in the NCTR Constitution. Its stated purpose is to recommend positions that should be taken by NCTR in regard to public policy issues that affect its operations, including resolutions affecting the concerns of retired teachers. Read more…

Strategic Planning

The NCTR Strategic Plan consists of a series of goals to be accomplished, strategies developed to meet those goals and actions to be taken. Responsibilities and timelines are appropriately assigned.

The strategic planning model we have developed and employed has proven to be an efficient, effective way for NCTR to function.

Many of the goals we set in the strategic plan have been attained. Initiatives in the areas of the organization and administration of NCTR, budget, education for trustees and administrators, conference planning have been successfully implemented and remain part of the strategic plan for annual updating and continuation. Goals, strategies and actions concerning issues of trustee and corporate member governance, governmental relations, federal, state and local and the use of technology as identified in the strategic plan have been addressed and further initiatives in these areas remain an integral part of the plan for the future.

Our President, Executive Committee and Executive Director closely track the strategic plan to ensure that the goals set out in the plan are kept in sight and that progress is made.

The strategic plan document was reorganized in the Spring of 2003 for the purpose of efficiency. Additionally, the Executive Committee considered and adopted a series of recommendations concerning future strategic planning efforts.