For teachers and other public employees–once a rewarding career reaches completion, and a new, exciting stage in life begins–retirement is something to CELEBRATE! NCTR is proud to be a part of this important legacy, both fostering strategic partnerships and providing training and pension advocacy for the educational community, as well as building on a strong, successful record of meeting the challenges of the future with leadership, creativity, and accountability!

For NCTR system beneficiaries, it is also a time to appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will have an adequate, dependable, secure retirement benefit that cannot be outlived. And for NCTR member systems, each and every retirement is an occasion  to celebrate their plans’ role in ensuring that this can indeed be a happy time for their retirees.

Join us October 8-11, in Tucson, AZ,  for NCTR’s 100th Conference, as we

CELEBRATE! Retirement Security, Continuing a Legacy 

Let’s celebrate being together in person again, share our stories of resilience in the face of an historic pandemic, and continue to build upon our proud legacy of retirement security for America’s teachers! Learn about the latest trends in our industry — from system administration to investments — and prepare to meet the challenges of the future.


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NCTR is YOUR resource for fostering partnerships and providing training and pension advocacy for the educational community. Forming nationwide partnerships with a diverse community of industry professionals dedicated to safeguarding public retirement systems; providing dynamic educational opportunities, exchanging ideas, sharing best practices on pension-related challenges and objectives; providing insights and analyses on a broad range of public policy issues affecting public pension funds–becoming an NCTR member ensures you remain connected and “in the know!”

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Our members are committed to the retirement security of America's teachers and educational employees.

News & Updates

Pensionomics State Data 2021

Pensionomics 2021 calculates each state’s economic benefit stemming from state and local defined benefit pension payments, and the report provides key state-level results of the economic impact analysis.

Not surprisingly, California—with the largest economy of the 50 states—showed the largest employment, output and value added impacts: 395,520 jobs, $73.7 billion in output, and $47.3 billion in value added supported by state and local pension benefit expenditures. But even in smaller states, the impacts of state and local pension benefits are substantial.

What is the impact in your state?

Fairview Capital’s 2021 Market Review of Woman and Minority-Owned Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

In their latest report, Fairview shares data on the size, evolution, and current characteristics of the universe of woman and minority-owned private equity and venture capital firms (firms majority owned by women and/or ethnic minorities in the US). In 2021, Fairview found that this set of diverse private equity and venture capital firms is larger and more dynamic than ever before.

NCTR Announces New Director

NCTR is pleased to announce that Dean Kenderdine will be joining the NCTR Team as the new executive director, effective July 1, 2021.

Dean joins NCTR with a background dedicated to public service. More recently, Dean served more than 14 years as the executive director of the Maryland State Retirement Agency.