Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is a Standing Committee as specified in the NCTR Constitution. The Constitution states that “the Legislative Committee exists to implement the policies of the Executive Committee in regard to federal or state legislative or agency decisions or proposals that impact NCTR or its members.”

Legislative Committee 2024

  • Frank Karpinski, Chair, Administrator, Rhode Island ERS
  • Carlton Lenoir, NCTR Executive Committee Liaison 
  • Michael Ball, Trustee, Texas TRS
  • Dee Brown, Trustee, Montana TRS
  • Dr. LC “Buster” Evans, Executive Director, Georgia TRS
  • Jaqueline Gorrie, Trustee, Massachusetts TRS
  • Jan Murtha, Administrator, North Dakota TFFR/North Dakota RIO
  • Anthony Tedesco, Government Relations Officer, Ohio PERS

Note: Pursuant to the NCTR Constitution, the President and President-Elect shall be ex-officio members of all committees.

Duties and Responsibilities

With the concurrence of the President and the Executive Committee, the Legislative Committee shall engage in activities that include the development and implementation of strategies to promote or oppose legislative or executive branch decisions or proposals.

The Legislative Committee shall also monitor all federal legislation or executive agency initiatives that significantly affect public retirement systems and, as appropriate, shall make recommendations for action to the President and Executive Committee regarding these initiatives.

The Legislative Committee shall be responsible for implementing all actions assigned to it under the NCTR Strategic Plan.

The Committee shall coordinate all activities with NCTR’s Washington, D.C., Federal Relations Director.

The Chairperson will be responsible for providing reports at various NCTR meetings throughout the year. This may include, but is not limited to legislative committee meetings in Washington, D.C., the Executive Committee meeting in March/April, the annual summer Trustee Workshop and Directors’ Meeting, and the Annual Conference of NCTR.