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NCTR provides vital support for the retirement security for America’s teachers. There are thousands of dedicated individuals involved in our mission, but with more pressure on retirement systems, the need is greater than ever for the leadership, support, and connections that NCTR provides for its members.

NCTR delivers significant programming throughout the year, including:
  • Annual Conference
  • Trustee Education
  • Legislative Affairs
  • System Directors’ Meeting
  • Workshops, Webinars, and more.

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2018 Membership Dues Structure

Associate Commercial Members:

This membership type includes actuarial, accounting, investment firms, and other organizations having an interest in retirement activities are eligible for associate membership.


Active Members:

This membership type includes any retirement system to which teachers belong, in any state, commonwealth, territory, or any political subdivision thereof, including Washington, D.C., is eligible for active membership.

Assets above $5 Billion — $4,050
Active below $5 Billion — $1,880

Associate Members:

This membership type includes school employee organizations, all of whose members belong to a state retirement system; local employee organizations, whose members belong to a public teacher retirement system, separate from the state retirement activities; retired teachers/school personnel organizations; and pension-related public agencies, are eligible for associate membership.

Educational Associations, Unions, and State Agencies — $1,000
Retired Teachers Associations — $310

Please contact NCTR’s Assistant Executive Director, Robyn Wheeler, if you have any questions regarding your current membership status with NCTR or if you have questions about becoming a member.