Standing and Special Committees

The Constitution of the NCTR provides for Standing and Special Committees.

The Standing Committees specified are the Resolutions, Legislative, Nominating, Credentials, Administrator Education, and Trustee Education committees. Special Committees may be established by the President as he or she deems desirable to fulfill the purposes of NCTR.

Committee members are appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Executive Committee. Committee members are to be executive officers, staff members, or board members of active members of NCTR. Executive Committee members may serve on Standing and Special Committees. The President and the President-Elect serve as ex-officio members of all committees and have the right to vote on such committees. The terms of committee members coincide with the annual meeting of NCTR.

Duties and Responsibilities

Each Standing NCTR committee is charged with fulfilling the responsibilities as specified in the NCTR Constitution. Special committees are charged with fulfilling the responsibilities specified by the President in the formation of such committee. In addition, all committees are charged with working toward fulfilling any objectives set forth in NCTR’s Strategic Plan.

It is anticipated that each NCTR committee will meet at least once a year. This meeting is usually set in a February/March time frame. The dates and location of such meeting will be determined and announced by the President and the Executive Director.

The Chairperson of an NCTR committee is responsible for organizing and maintaining such committee’s meetings and the recording of the minutes of such meetings. It is expected that the Chairperson will be in contact with and apprise committee members of all committee business and activities as appropriate. As he or she deems necessary, the Chairperson may facilitate the business of the committee by conference calls. Such calls are to be coordinated through the office of the Executive Director of NCTR.

Additionally, the Chairperson shall be responsible for preparing reports and recommendations as appropriate. Such reports and recommendations shall be submitted to the President prior to the Spring Executive Committee meeting. The Chairperson shall also be responsible for briefly reporting the activities and accomplishments of his or her committee at the annual meeting of NCTR.