Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Process

I. Developing the Strategic Planning Process

  • Formal Strategic Planning process began in 1999
  • Detailed survey was completed
  • Intense study and discussions
  • Series of goals were determined
  • Strategies to reach goals were developed
  • Actions required to accomplish strategies were determined
  • Responsibilities and timelines were assigned

II. Maintenance and Update

  • Executive Committee commits to review, update and maintain Strategic Plan at least annually

III. Evaluation of Strategic Planning Process

  • Successful
  • Kept NCTR on track through reorganization of administration
  • Annual review and update allows NCTR to keep goals current and focused on initiatives
  • Many goals, strategies and actions have been accomplished

IV. Future of Strategic Planning Process

  • Experts recommend “start from scratch” development of strategic plan every 3 to 5 years
  • Present plan may not reflect current realities of internal and external environments
  • All parts of Strategic Plan must fit in a manner that produces seamless, integrated plan
  • Healthy to step back and objectively review situations and circumstances

V. Recommendations adopted by Executive Committee

  • A new Strategic Plan will be developed every three years
  • Process of review and update at spring Executive Committee meeting will continue
  • Discussion and process will be led by then current President
  • Documentation and recording of updates will be an NCTR staff function
  • Strategic Plan will be posted to NCTR web site
  • Strategic Planning Committee will be constituted as President, Two Executive Committee members who stand in line for succession to Presidency during the three year cycle (then current President Elect excluded)
  • Strategic Planning Committee members will be designated at start of year in which new cycle begins
  • All NCTR committees, staff and consultants will be charged with advancing goals set in Strategic Plan
  • Strategic Planning Committee will report out to membership at annual conference